This ongoing collection of tips & tricks is designed for the amateur or occasional printer, whether just starting out or looking to discover what to do with that basement full of letterpress stuff. It assumes a basic knowledge of the craft but requires no advanced skills or materials. The WP also focuses on traditional typesetting as opposed to experimental techniques. Follow along!

Do. The. Math.

Week 20

The Happy Marriage of Wood & Metal

Week 19

Meant-to-be-Bent Rules

Week 18

It's Simple Mathematics

Week 17

Double Your Fun

Week 16

Alla Famiglia

Week 15

The Exception That Proves My Rule

Week 14

Let's Hear It for the Kern

Week 13

Book It!

Week 12

Roll With It

Week 11

We Go High, Type High

Week 10

So Hip It's Not Square

Week 9

Don't Break the Rule

Week 8

Huzzah for Curves

Week 7

Accent the Accent

Week 6

Agitate! Educate! Organize!

Week 5

Gimme a Hand(y box)

Week 4

Easy Ornaments

Week 3

Left! Right! Center!

Week 2

Leads & Slugs & Spacing... oh my!

Week 1