Roll With It

There are many different ways to store rollers when they're not on press, inked up and printing away. I've come across a few clever options while at the Platen Press Museum. One of the simplest is a set of matching blocks with holes drilled slightly larger than the roller cores. Measure accordingly so the rollers don't touch each other.


These plastic pieces work pretty great as well and could be mounted to a wall.


One of Paul's favorite options is this, made from pvc pipes. The end caps with holes provide support for the cores so that the roller doesn't touch the pipe.


Most of my presses have a second set of rollers. This way the press is never down; one set is in action and the other is in storage or can easily be shipped off to be recast. We've built custom boxes with wood sections that fit inside.


Since we can't all have these pristine roller cabinets, give some of the above options a try. Got solutions that you've implemented in your shop? Share 'em!