About four years ago, our fellow printmaking friend, Nadine (now of Sonnenzimmer fame) suggested that Chicago area printmakers pull together and create an organization that would help to define, promote, support and educate the printmaking community of the city we all call home. This turned into the Chicago Printers Guild and has been gaining momentum ever since, through monthly meetings, field trips, outreach and print shows. Each month a different studio in the city hosts a meeting, where as many printers as possible gather together to discuss issues that surround the field and then enjoy a demo from the hosting studio. Beer and cookies abound. In February, Starshaped was up! Because the group is largely made up of screenprinters creating large works of art, I decided to set up our tiniest Press Bike press with the tiniest type in the studio, which happens to be 4-point type on a 6-point body. Here's the little Sigwalt in action. And yes, that had been a plate of peanut butter cookies.


This is Rebecca from Rar Rar Press, one of the few studios (alongside us, of course), that prints entirely with antique type. So this is a lady who knows what's she's doing here.


The little Sigwalt isn't the finest press we've got, so there's something left to be desired in the print quality. But you get the point.


Here's the form for the tiny print alongside a pica ruler. This is approximately 1.5" in length.


And here are a few of the stars of the printmaking galaxy, including the 'dorky hat club' members Andy Schwegler from Letterform, Dan Grzeca from Ground Up, and Nick Butcher from Sonnenzimmer.



More fabulousness in the form of Megan Sterling, a former Starshaped alum, alongside Julie Morelli of Letterform and Nourishing Notes (seriously multitasking lady). Following is ass-kickin' Sonnenzimmer Nadine Nakanishi.



Here's our own lovely Janice!


Tiny future printmaker and CPG member. Already churning out some great ideas.


And here's me and Julie again! A while back we were thrilled to have Julie print with us at Starshaped, until she acquired her own press.


If you're curious about printmaking in Chicago, please check out the CPG! New members are always welcome and we've got some great projects up all of our inky sleeves...