It's beginning to look a lot like...

holiday2013email...the best printing time of the year! I like to think that this year we've really put together a wide variety of cards, prints and posters that highlight myriad letterpress techniques available with a great type collection. From new Artistic Prints to patterned cards to kitschy wood type prints, there's a little something for everyone. One of my new favorites is this print that we threw together for the open house and then liked so well it got an upgrade to two colors that's ready to frame:

grandmother3Consider it a gig poster for Grandmother's House, and a quirky take on the classic holiday song. There are a lot of fun details, including my first use of these great Moore Wood Type ornamental rules and some endearing hearts.

grandmother7The image at the bottom is an old cut that's been floating around the studio for years. This time around, I made it two colors by adding the light blue linoleum cut. Grandmas everywhere will approve!

grandmother8I love the sweet simplicity of the form:

TgrandmotherAnother print for the holidays is the next in our series of 'Artistic Prints', which glorify the techniques and typefaces of the 19th century.

holiday1There are some lovely details in this one, from the type on curves to the details hidden in the 'marvelous' typeface. The background is a border that's stacked to create a texture with a very subtle pattern.


holiday4Another lovely form! 'Holiday Season' is set with initial caps, hence the bouncing baselines.

TholidayIf you've got your gifts and you're ready to wrap, our classic wood type wrapping paper is available, as are these new tags hot of the press. There are cityscape tags, as well as manicules (printer's fists) and stars, all printed in bright colors on diecut kraft card stock. They're strung up with butcher string, and ready to go.



manicule2And though it's not specifically for the holidays, I also finished another Artistic Print recently that's near to my heart. Inspired by the comment of an elderly individual that lived through the Great Depression:

money1And it's so true. I wanted the ornate type and ornamentation to resemble that found on paper money. The 'everything' type is actually designed to function as monogram type, but was just the tall and skinny thing needed here.

money2Love the shadow on that scroll type, as well as the slight bit of wood texture in the dollar sign. It's a perfect gift for your sweetie.

money4And like all of our Artistic Prints, there's an image of the type form included with every one.

TeverythingGift wrapping can be one of the most fun parts of gift giving, unless it isn't. If that's how you feel, we can gladly wrap our prints, posters, cards, etc. for you and ship them direct to the receiver, along with a little tag and note. Just let us know when you purchase something from the shop and we'll handle the rest.

As always, thanks for supporting letterpress at its finest! We source all of our paper in the midwest and continue to use type that has existed for decades, if not centuries, making us one of the most eco-friendly American printers around. And if buying local is your thing and you live in Chicago, be sure to stop by and see us at the Renegade Holiday Craft Fair, December 7th and 8th. The selection of beautifully handmade goods at the Fair will surely mean that you can finish your holiday shopping in one weekend.