In an effort to spread the gospel of letterpress printing with metal type, Jen has hosted occasional workshops at Starshaped and beyond. She has lectured and taught at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum, Wells College Book Arts Center, and Penland School of Crafts, and conducted workshops at the Western New York Book Arts Center and Columbia College Book & Paper Arts Center. Starshaped hosted and programmed the 2015 Amalgamated Printers' Association Wayzgoose in Chicago. Starshaped has been recognized in many books, magazines and on blogs. Our print work has won numerous awards and has repeatedly been featured in How magazine.

Workshops range from single-day projects to full week intensives, with most classes having no more than 7 students. Lectures have ranged from the history and use of metal type and its contemporary practices, to running a modern business in letterpress.

A tour of the Pacific Northwest!
April 3rd · Casual Chat at CC Stern Type Foundry
April 4th · Presentation at Seattle Book Arts Guild
April 5th · Presentation at University of Puget Sound
April 7th · SVC Workshop sold out!
April 8th · PLU Workshop sold out!

Jo and Jen also love to visit outdoor events in the summer with the Press Bike! Our Madsen cargo bike transforms into a mobile print station with homemade presses for both kids and adults to enjoy. Check out our adventures here and contact us about joining your event.

We love to host workshops but don't currently have any planned. That said, Chicago has a lot of options for classes! Please check out our friends at Spudnik Press, Tandem Felix Letterpress, Lill Street and Chicago Printmakers Collaborative.