The Hamilton Benefit at The Book and Paper Arts Center

Given that we're into the cold months, the press bike hasn't had much opportunity to get out and about. So when we found out about the Hamilton Wood Type and Print Museum's need to move from its current location, we jumped on board to co-sponsor a Chicago event to raise much needed funds. The majority of wood type in the Starshaped collection was produced at Hamilton over the last 100+ years, and it's important to us that the museum survives. To gear up for a benefit print sale held December 15th, I put the call out to letterpress printers to create a new piece specifically for the the day. Those who could not participate sent wonderful prints, posters, books and cards they had in stock to help out. We retrofitted the little Sigwalt onto a new base so that we could easily carry it the the Book & Paper Arts Center (our lovely Madsen wasn't about to go up two flights of stairs), and Jo could do press demos and print stickers for the crowd.


Yes, we love Hamilton! These stickers were a hit and Jo collected lots of money in her tube. Here she is standing in front of the new work, waiting for the crowds to arrive.



Over the course of 7 hours, the Chicago benefit raised over $8000 and blew a matching grant out of the water. It was very satisfying for April and Jo to count up the loot at the end of the night.


We'll be driving up to Hamilton again in February to help with their upcoming move. Lend a hand if you can, and we'll keep setting up great prints with fabulous wood type!

Renegade 2012

It always takes a bit of time to recover from the Renegade Craft Fair before switching right into holiday mode, hence the delay in posting. This year's fair was a stunning success and the Press Bike was a phenomenal hit with kids of all ages. We had a great corner spot in which to park the bike, and it attracted a crowd all day. Here's our booth from the weekend:

Jo got things rolling as soon as the crowds wandered in, and even got Instagrammed by the Renegade crew. It is apparently way cooler to sit on the side of the bike than inside of it.

Recognize this little cutie? She's a master screenprinter selling her wares at Renegade, too. She stopped by to try her hand at a different printmaking medium. She's a part of this team.

Here's a group of happy printers!

Day two brought even more folks, and Jo had to take a break for a while to hang with all of her friends and check out the different neighborhood playgrounds. She was in long enough to generate interest before social calls pulled her away.

We finished out Sunday with two of our largest printers of the day... a bit too big to climb into the bike! The only thing we didn't manage to do was get a shot of the sticker everyone printed, as we went through so many so fast. It said I (heart) Renegade and was super popular. Maybe you'll see some popping up here and there around the city...

Until next time!