City of Big Shoulders 2014

Winter makes for a slow time for printing opportunities on the bike, and this past one was particularly rough. So it was a pleasure to accept an invitation to set up a press at the City of Broad Shoulders event that corresponded to RailsConf in Chicago this past April. It seemed like a good time to put together another small press so that attendees could make two color prints. That's right, we're movin' on up! Here's the original galley proof press we made last year (at bottom), with the new one above it. This one is slightly larger.newpress

Given that the event attracted people from around the country, we went with our Chicago theme again and this time were able to create mini flags. The two colors worked great!


For about 2 hours, Jo showed guests how to print. It was definitely one of the most enthusiastic crowds we've ever encountered, proving that adults love printing as much as kids!






cobs4Jo made a friend! She's often the only kid at print events, so it was a real treat to find a 9 year old in the mix. They had a great time checking out all of the incredible vendors at Maker Night.


cobs9The special treat for Jo was ending the evening with a visit to Jana of Doodlebooth fame. LOVE her illustration of Jo in her apron.


doodleThe weather is finally agreeable, and we'll be out and about on the bike more often. Next up is a trip to Printers Ball at Spudnik Press. More on that soon...